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Through the ages

IN 1905, Andrea Drikos & George Pericles came from Greece to Alexandria. After being enchanted by the Alexandrian beauty, specifically by the Ramleh Station, they established a patisserie & chocolatier that they called Trianon; a cafe that took place in the City's center & expanded over the years, where people could enjoy a piece of cake with their tea & coffee.

The place was a pleasure to be in, whether because of its location occupying three streets: Saad Zagholoul Street, Safia Zaghloul Street & the street overlooking the Eastern Harbor, or because of its beautifully designed interior with wood paneling & art deco of women painted on the panels by an Italian painter..

Even though of Trianon's visual beauty, the cakes & chocolate remained the supreme delight.

After the death of Trianon's Greek owners, Trianon was eventually sold in 1970 & in 1975 to Egyptian partners: the families of El Hadari, George Louka & Samir Boulos. The business expanded & extensive renovations were undertaken at Trianon, Ramleh Station.

Trianon continued to sell its signature chocolates & pastries, & worked on expanding to open a five-star restaurant that offers Italian, French & oriental cuisines catering & a coffee shop, & soon branches were opening all over Alexandria.

Today there is the Grand Trianon, Trianon Le Salon Restaurant & Coffee Shop, Trianon Sporting Club, & other branches in Roushdy & Bianchi at El-Agamy.

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