Turkish Coffee

Trianon aims to get the finest coffee beans in the world, to give you fresh roasted coffee that's prepared daily for an extreme caffeinated pleasure; it will refresh your senses with every sip you take. The finely ground roasted coffee beans are then brewed delicately on low heat to extract the most condensed flavor.

Best Service

Ourhighly trained staff will always be there to serve you and meet your needs withbig warm smiles and loving hearts. We seek the best professional hosts and hostesses to represent Trianon and become a part of our family. Our strategy is to meet every customer's standardsfor a satisfying experience that exceeds all expectations.

Best Cakes

Trianon's Cakes remain a supreme delight through the edges. Our cakes will satisfy your sweet tooth and fulfill your craving for Desserts. Whether you are in the mood for a chocolate covered cake or vanilla cake with whipped cream and fresh fruits topping, you'll find the right cake that will sooth your sweet tooth.

Tasty Food

A team of master Chefs are preparing the most delicious meals for you, to give you the best tasty meal you've ever had. After all, Trianon is a five-star restaurant, and it shows in the taste and the quality of the food we serve. Our variable menu includes all the tasty food categories that are prepared daily with fresh ingredients.

Excellent Catering

Trianon expanded to offer their customer international cuisines from the top exquisite countries that are known for their food. You'll get to enjoy our Italian, French & Oriental cuisines catering, from specialized Chefs. Trianon has an excellent catering that caters all the special events whether they were personal or formal.

Delicious Pastry

Trianon's signature pastries are served daily, fresh from the oven. Our pastry Chef works on creating Mouth-watering pastries, which are moist & fluffy, and baked to perfection with the filling you desire. At Trianon, you can start your day with a delicious breakfast that will boost your day, or enjoy a delicious light brunch.